Would This New Talent Work in Oldschool?

Would you need this talent in OSRS?
This weblog covers the participant designed talent of exploration. A talent designed to carry gamers again to their roots and put exploring on the forefront of their journey.

Reddit Submit – https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/feedback/lrejjl/exploration_a_playerdesigned_skill/

0:00 – Will OSRS Get A New Talent?
4:27 – Introduction to Exploration
6:30 – Design Targets
7:01 – Core of Exploration
8:15 – Encounter Growth
11:07 – Explorer’s Log
11:18 – Rewards
14:34 – Veteran Explorers (Social/AFK Coaching Methodology)
15:37 – Expeditions (Dungeoneering + Crusing Impressed)
18:12 – Conclusion

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