Wilderness Boss + QoL!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with Jeeves losing his Robot Crown.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with the zoom function not properly updating the interface setting slider.
  • Fixed a few bugs with the client zoom and the quake FOV setting.
  • Fixed a bug on first account creation if you would disconnect before you received your items.
  • Fixed a bug with how the client renders certain models with the extended view distance.
  • Fixed the Druid Circle clue scroll.
  • Fixed a bug with the Fishing messages not being there sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug with the Cooking messages not being there sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug with the Mining messages not being there sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug with Prayer Bone burying messages no being there sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug with safe deaths teleporting you to the death area instead of directly to home.
  • Fixed the Infernal Jad fight, it will now properly sync it’s Ranged attacks.
  • Fixed the Fight Caves Jad fight, it will now show the ranged GFX before the hitsplat shows up.
  • Fixed a bug with redeeming Vote Tickets.
  • Fixed a bug with the 667 game frame having fuzzy sprites on the game frame.
  • Fixed a bug with the Wilderness boss.
  • Fixed a bug when using the Drop Table Simulator on an NPC that has no active drops, it will now give feedback instead of doing nothing.
  • Fixed a bug with Support Crowns.
  • Fixed Infernal Jads.
  • Fixed a bunch of Weapons and Swords that had the wrong animations.
  • Fixed that dumb costume bug where it wouldn’t use the items stats.
  • Fixed dropping the Law Talisman.
  • Fixed the Magic bonus level for the Wilderness Boss.
  • Fixed a bug with the Support Crown and PMs.
  • Fixed a bug with Emojis not properly working in PMs
  • Fixed a bug with the Wilderness Boss.
  • Fixed a typo with Shift+Click Deposit-All.
  • Fixed a bug with commands sometimes not properly going through.
  • Fixed a bug with Bank searching.
  • Fixed a typo with the World Boss event announcement.
  • Fixed a bug with the triple vote rewards initial announcement.
  • Fixed using the Pet Key on the Pet Chest.


  • Fast camera toggle will be on by default.
  • Adjusted the tutorial to no longer ask you if you want the fast camera option.
  • Every 4 hours a Wilderness Boss will spawn, it will work the same like a normal boss event. However, this boss is way harder to kill and will give way better loot (multiple event keys) if you manage to kill it and not get pked in the process.
  • Completely revamped the Superior Slayer Dungeon, there is now roughly 40 different NPCs to fight, all with Slayer tasks as well!
  • If you die outside of the Wilderness and you lose your items to death, you will now spawn into a room with just him, and he’ll be able to give you everything back.
  • You’ll now start with 1K in your money pouch to cover your first initial deaths.
  • Added the special + effects for Abyssal Bludgeon.
  • Superheat now gives Magic EXP.
  • When farming herbs, you’ll now receive a message of the new amount of Skill Points you have. You’ll receive points for harvesting, planting the seeds, and clearing the patch with a rake.
  • When you create super combat potions, you’ll now receive a message of how many Skill Points you have.
  • Removed the extra Weapon seller at home.
  • Adjusted how the client handles loading sprites, it should improve client load times.
  • Modified the client loader slightly, it should now give more feedback while doing the initial boot.
  • Reduced the time it takes to create unfinished potions from 3 ticks to 1 tick.
  • Reduced the time it takes to create a finished potion from 2 ticks to 1 tick.
  • All Crystal monsters will now drop coins for their Superior and Legendary versions.
  • Removed all the Soulless spawns from the server. They were located in an area that was already being used.
  • The Donor Mystery Box(DMB) has been remastered. It is going under beta testing and there may be few more adjustments prior to the release. I added a new category named legendary and added the Rapier, Mummy outfit, Twisted Bow, and more to the category. The common reward amounts were increased, and many of the Very Rare items were moved to the Rare category. Some items were also removed. Each attempt at the box will remain 20 KushBucks.
  • Removed the Skill Points message entirely and replaced it with a UI that you can toggle on and off. It’s located above the EXP orb.
  • The BadKush bot will no longer announce 4:20 in the Discord lobby.
  • Adjusted the Drop Table Simulator, the button is way more obvious now and it also gives more feedback for what you have to do.
  • Added 56 Emojis to the client, they’re all based off of the same Emoji set that’s being used for Discord (if you have an Emoji you’d like added just put it in #suggestions or #poll-chat on Discord)
  • Added a 667 themed icon for the Skill Points display and the Toolbelt.
  • Added a client sided interface to display the amount of Cannonballs your Cannon has.
  • There is now a small chance to get Hard and Medium rewards while doing easy clues. Medium clues also have a chance at the Hard clue table.
  • You can now cast Magic spells if you don’t have the required level as long as your stat is boosted with a potion.
  • Adjusted the Armadyl(i) set again. The Legs and Plate are now +70 Ranged each and the Helmet it now +50 Ranged.
  • You can now alias Emojis with ;emoji;
  • Renamed the ‘Smooth Dance’ to ‘Drake Dance’
  • Shears will now spawn at the Lumbridge Sheep Pen.
  • DPS pets now stack.
  • Added Shift+Click Withdraw-All.
  • Added the Rune Pouch.
  • The Quest Cape now requires all of the Quests to be completed before you can wear it.
  • The Wise Old Man will now provide the Quest Cape in the Skill Capes shop as long as you have completed all of the Quests.
  • Added Emerald Amulet to the Clue Shop.

Raid Changes:

  • If you have an Overloaded stat it will no longer reset when the Raids finished or when you progress to another room.

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