Waterfall Quest Quest Information Outdated College RuneScape 2007

6 Air runes,
6 Earth runes,
6 Water runes,
2 ropes

Begin out by talking to Almera in her home northwest of the Coal Vehicles and northeast of the Baxtorian Falls. She’s going to let you know that she is apprehensive about her son, Hudon, who’s on the other facet of the river on the lookout for treasure.

Waterfall Quest shipwrecked raft
Hudon and the crashed boat.
She’s going to request that you just verify on him and can let you know there’s a raft exterior the home that you need to use. Exit Almera’s home towards the river and board the Log raft; you’ll crash right into a small island. Your character will inform Hudon to return again to his mom, however he refuses and says that there’s a lot treasure to be discovered. If you ask should you can assist, he rejects you, saying you’ll steal the treasure. Go to the south finish of the small island, and use your rope on the rock within the distance. The rock you need is on the far south, you will have to pan your digicam down so as to see it. Watch out clicking round as it’s possible you’ll step into the river and be swept away*. Subsequent, use your rope on the lifeless tree to get to a cliff edge alongside the waterfall. Click on on the barrel to get down safely.
*Don’t be concerned should you misclicked and fell into the river. The present will carry you to slight south of the data centre. Merely go north and you will note the constructing.
You must find yourself close to a big constructing with a fisherman exterior of it. That is the vacationer info centre, go upstairs and search the bookcases to discover a BOOK named, Ebook on baxtorian.(NOTE: You MUST open this BOOK or the important thing won’t seem for the subsequent half.) You’ll uncover that they have been Elven individuals and there’s a legend about treasure hidden underneath the falls. Additionally, you will study that Glarial’s pebble will be discovered underneath Tree Gnome Village, which offers you entry to her tomb.

The Pebble Edit
Gadgets required: Some meals and armour (elective)
Tree gnome maze map
Observe the blue line to search out the Dungeon.
When you can, use the Spirit Tree on the Ardougne of the Khazard battlefield to the village, or discuss to Elkoy, and observe him to the village entrance. When you have not finished Tree Gnome Village (quest) you’ll have to navigate via the maze. It’s extremely inspired that you just begin this quest by speaking to King Bolren quickly as potential.

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Go southwest of Ardougne to the Tree Gnome Village entrance. You must discover a ladder within the HEDGE maze. That is the place you are going to discover the pebble. Climb down and go west. In case you are a very actually low degree, be warned as there are lots of hobgoblins in right here. Low ranges are suggested to first acquire the important thing within the east room, as assaults from hobgoblins will interrupt your dialog. You can find a gnome known as Golrie locked in a room, hiding from the hobgoblins. He’ll let you know you will have to get a key to free him. He’ll let you know that he hid it within the crates. Search the odd coloured crate within the east room close to some zombies and big bats, avoiding the hobgoblins till you discover the important thing. Free the gnome to get Glarial’s pebble. Word: It’s endorsed you get the important thing first. When you die in Glarial’s tomb, you will have to get a second pebble so it’s suggested to get 2 pebbles by dropping the primary and speaking to Golrie.
Fast Exit: Begin the Tree Gnome Village quest and Elkoy will information you thru the maze.

Tomb Raiding Edit
Go to any financial institution (Ardougne is on the way in which again up or if in case you have finished the Tree Gnome Village (quest), Spirit Tree to the Grand Change and again). Now, put your entire weapons, armour, and runes within the financial institution (deliver respectable meals), as you will not be allowed to enter the tomb should you deliver them. Additionally, keep in mind to place one of many Glarial’s pebble that you just obtained into the financial institution in case you die. Go northeast of the vacationer centre in Baxtorian Falls to discover a tombstone, close to the place the beginning of Dwarf Cannon is. Use the pebble on it to enter, because it won’t allow you to in with weapons armour or issues utilized in fight.

Waterfall Quest glarial's tomb
Discovering the Urn in Glarial’s tomb.
Inside, there are excessive degree monsters — ignore them. Run west of the ladder, previous the extent 84 Moss Giants, and search the chest to get Glarial’s amulet. Head south in direction of a room stuffed with grass and timber, search the coffin to get Glarial’s urn.
Word: You’ll lose the amulet whereas finishing the hunt so it’s extremely beneficial to acquire a number of utilizing the drop technique. The amulet is required if you wish to return for any purpose corresponding to Slayer assignments to kill fireplace or moss giants.

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