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  • May 29, 2018
    you now get fishing points as long as your fishing prestiege level is greater than 1
    also adjusted the shop prices based on that
  • fixed a cpl prestieging bugs
  • moss giants now actually give pvm points
  • fixed some incorrectly named boss event npcs
  • Made clue scrolls tradable, If you find any that aren’t let me know.
  • paydirt hopper in MLM now changes all of your paydirt at once instead of needing to click it one by one
  • fixed announcing how many staff are online
  • Changed dragon harpoon to require level 1 attack
  • changed all of the messages that gives you boss and pvm points to include pvm points
  • Nerfed raids, Very heavily.
  • May 30, 2018
  • added a slayer box to reset your slayer task for free
  • added tripple vote rewards, every 1st of the month we will have this enabled for a couple days
  • modified the shop interface to include a text field for the currency per shop, for example ‘Vote Points’ or ‘Slayer Points’
  • Fixed the magic damage % bonus of:
    • Ancestral set,
    • Tormented bracelet
    • Staff of the dead (And the toxic variant)
    • Occult necklace
    • Kodai wand
    • Kruzision spirit shield
  • multi barrage now works
  • fixed angler fish, it now no longer overloads until you have maximum health
    adjusted anglerfish, they now overload +28 instead of just +22 with 99 hp for a total of 127 hp
  • May 31, 2018
  • fixed buying the medium and large houses
  • fixed all slayer helms not giving the correct damage modifier to range and mage against
  • their slayer task
  • the crystal chest now gives a random amount of items instead of a random amount each startup
  • fixed crafting gems with a full inventory(edited)
  • fixed a bug with pets
  • fixed an emblem bug
  • added coingate as a payment medium