~NEW BOSS Updates~

  • The Gatekeeper
  • Tiny Grigio
  • Glough


The Gate Keeper: This multidimensional traveler, appeared right on the doorstep of Badkush. He’s spent many years mastering his fighting techniques, allowing him to attack with magic, melee, and range. Be aware he does not like guests. His interests don’t seem to be to harm the citizens of BadKush, but to terrorize them with his experiments. Please gather your team and stop him before it’s too late!

Tiny Grigio: We are unsure where he came from or where he got his name, but we are sure of this. He love to eat humans. Not just any humans, our humans. His pure strength goes unmatched by any adversary. You’ll need a full squadron to take him down, Our peoples flesh is at stake. We need a hero!

Glough: This guy has a taste for something of the peculiar sort. He hangs out down near the granite caves, looking for poor victims. If you face him, be aware. He will defend his pile of granite loot at all costs. Even if that means risking his own life!



  • Fremennik blade & shield are now tradeable
  • Nurse & doctor hat are now tradeable
  • Some price fixes, also added prices to a bunch of items that were missing them.
  • fixed a bug with pets despawning
  • fixed pyrefiend pet


  • Changed the scarabs at pharaoh from melee to ranged
  • Fixed Viriditas Safespotting
  • Fixed Viriditas Drop Table


  • Completely reworked Donators shop
  • Completely reworked Boss Points Shop
  • Completely Reworked PVM Points Shop
  • PK/Emblem shop is temporarily disabled due to a bug


  • fixed the fishing guild randomly giving you cooked fish without making sense, now it alerts your chat box properly
  • fixed getting cooked fish when not using the infernal harpoon
  • fixed some bugs with the fishing guild/shop
  • non donators can now craft blood runes


  • fixed not being able to use Teleports in the wildy, still blocks past 20 wildy but now you can use it in 1-19


  • fixed donator dungeon on respawning certain mobs
  • buffs some npcs in dzd


  • fixed the client sided object loading
  • titler now gives a blank title if you want it
  • beta title is now colored on first login
  • added some dev tools to help create areas and place/remove objects
  • fixed a bug with client settings saving
  • fixed a bug with the boss teleport menu not resetting the level
  • added a msg to alert you when a monster hits through your protection prayer