The Longest Dry Streaks in Oldschool OSRS Historical past! [OSRS]

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Hey guys, and welcome again to a different video on the longest dry streaks in oldschool RuneScape. Now I typically will discuss in regards to the luckiest gamers in osrs, nevertheless generally I believe its enjoyable to have a look at the polar reverse.

In the present day I will likely be taking a look at 8 extraordinarily unfortunate gamers who’ve been dry of pets/gadgets for an insane period of time. Regardless that that is my third video on the topic, I believe the poor individuals on this video will be the unluckiest gamers ever.

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0:00 – K0edyou
1:45 – Dry Streak #2
2:32 – Ethwin
4:39 – Jlmilne
6:23 – CakeisASpy
7:11 – Iron Oval
8:19 – Dry Streak #7
9:13 – Zirkisi

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