The Future of BadKush

Hey fellas, I just want to let everyone know at the end of April we’ll be rebranding the server and moving out of beta.

On the 5th of April it will be our 1 year of being online and we’ve come a long way since we first opened our doors.

I want to make one thing clear, all accounts will be transfered over without issue, it will still be BadKush in the sense of the game, but the name and how we interact with the community will change.

We will be more interactive with you guys moving forward, Mr Slutty will be coming back as our Event Coordinator and his sole job will be to bring fun to the server.

This next month will bring new bosses, new items, and new BiS gear, and Diablos amazing models will be pushed in this next cache update as well.

We’ll be giving more information about the rebranding as we get closer towards it, for now we’ll be focusing on getting the server finalized and filled with the next expansion of content that we’ve been working on for the past couple months.

– Kon

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