Slayer Rework

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a couple bugs with mob drops.
  • Fixed pet Tek-ton item name.
  • Fixed the timing on all of the Inferno Jads attacks, they’re now the exact same time.
  • Fixed Jads attack animations so it does the range animation and magic animation properly now.
  • Fixed a bug with the wilderness altar text.
  • Fixed a bug with the extended map view sometimes staying enabled after the third person view is disabled.
  • Fixed the Discord bot not announcing rare drops.
  • Fixed Torstol potion making.
  • Fixed Snake Skin tanning and made the tanned skins stackable.
  • Fixed a couple issues with the loot bag.
  • Fixed the combatant system, so there might be some retroactive bugs that come with this fix that were dormant because of it being broken.
  • Fixed a bug with Ironman Donators not having the correct bank spaces.
  • Fixed a bug with Inferno/Fight Caves not properly stopping the task when you leave the game.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with smelting and adding a new option to all smelting furnaces to smelt alternative ore such as Blurite and Lovakite.
  • Fixed a bug with the party system creating a nulled party where there was no leader.
  • Fixed a bug with the blood money and coin pouch.
  • Fixed a bug with banners not resetting on logout.


  • The Jads in the Inferno mini-game will now properly spawn in the triangle shape.
  • All of the Inferno Jads now spawn in 1 tick intervals instead of all at once.
  • Renamed the cat to be the Pet Exchanger.
  • Made Zuk slightly easier by making the glyph’s protection ring bigger.
  • Adjusted the F-Keys to make way more sense, ESC now opens the logout menu.
  • Added the option to toggle tab-menu context options.
  • You now get 2x Thieving experience in SDZ, 3x in LDZ and 2.5x when EDZ gets revamped.
  • Added Firecape(i) gambling for a much higher chance at the Jad pet.
  • You can now gamble Infernal Cape(i) for a higher chance at Zuk pet.
  • The Jeeves bot now works with emojis, they still have to be within the proper context though.
  • The 667 game frame now works on re-sizable mode without the side-stone arrangements enabled.
  • Steve’s open-store option has been changed to extend-by-x.
  • Quick-chatting slayer now shows your levels, prestige’s, and your task.
  • The make over mage is now free.
  • Oak, Willow, Maple and Yew logs can now be Fletched into shafts.
  • Super Donators can now extend their tasks to 1,500, Elite Donators for 2,000 and then Legendary Donators for 3,000.
  • Changed up how Vannaka works, he’ll now be able to assign boss tasks for free.
  • Added a right click get-task option to Vannaka and a right-click reset task option.
  • Removed the old duo/partner slayer and replaced it with a group party slayer system! You can now share your task and experience with the entire group. It now requires you to actually partake in attacking the mob, you also need to be within view distance of the mob when it dies to get some of the share. Any kills go directly to the party leaders task count, then your task count mirrors theirs.
  • Added a purchasable Vannaka gem that can be used to contact/talk to him from anywhere.
  • Reworked the Slayer store slightly.
  • Increase the price of the Slayer Helm(i) Scroll.
  • The cannon now attacks multiple mobs in single combat, as long as you’re not being attacked back by any of them.
  • Nieve now acts as the party master.
  • Piety and Chivalry will properly reset when you prestige Defence/Prayer.
  • Dragon Warhammer now has double the accuracy it did before.
  • Added a new item called ‘Luckiest Cutlass’ for a 20% DR bonus

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