We have begun working on our Slayer skill overhaul! With this you will see a series of new quick teleports already LIVE. Tons of Bug fixes including slayer monsters within Raids, and potential NEW content to come in the future.

June 4, 2018

  • fixed a visual bug with the trivia points
  • you now get 5 raid tokens for completing a raid, instead of 2
  • fixed all of the currency visualizers for PVM, boss, skill, fishing and a few other point shops

June 5, 2018

  • started overhauling the entire punishment system, now we have fine grain control over bans, mutes, locks, jails, tradebans and IP variations for each along with expiration’s

June 6, 2018

  • added a jail
  • redid the entire way we handle permissions
  • we can now punish/lift punishments without effecting the accounts in any way shape or form
  • accounts no longer have to be online to punish, now punishable while offline aswell
  • added offline ipban/ipmute/ipjail/iplock/iptradeban, it all works from the last logged IP per username
  • moderators can now ban and unban, support can now mute, ipmute, and jail
  • mutes and jails now automatically expire while you’re logged in the game
  • re-enabled auto donator after 24 hrs
  • moved the location of ;;slayer so you won’t get auto attacked by the banshee
  • added ::slayer2 and ::slayer3 for the floor 2 and 3 of the slayer tower, they are locked behind 45 and 75 slayer each
  • aliases ;;teles1 to ;;teles and teleportcommands
  • changed the Date: to show the shortened day so Wed instead of Wednesday
  • bans, mutes and jails all now log to the #staff-infractions channel so our team can review each others actions to ensure there is minimal abuse