Recipe for Catastrophe: Awowogei (Monkey Ambasador) Quest Information Previous College RuneScape 2007

Stage 70 Cooking (boostable),
Stage 48 Agility (not boostable)
Monkey Insanity
The Grand Tree
Tree Gnome Village
capable of defeat a degree 84 Large Snake.
Monkeyspeak amulet
Gorilla greegree
Ninja greegree
Zombie greegree
Some monkey nuts
Pestle and mortar
Antipoison (non-compulsory).

Go to Awowogei’s palace on Ape Atoll. Be sure to’ve geared up one in every of your greegrees and your monkeyspeak amulet. He’ll point out three monkeys. You may see three within the temple north of Awowogei. Speak to them. Inform them that you just’re planning a shock celebration for the king. They may let you know to stuff the corpse of an enormous snake with banana slices and monkey nut paste. Use your monkey nuts and banana on them. They may let you know that these usually are not adequate and that you will want the sacred crimson banana and the tchiki monkey nuts. It’s RECOMMENDED to get greater than 3 of every of the gadgets in case you burn the stuffed snake!

Pink banana

To get the crimson banana, wield your Gorilla greegree, as you will want plenty of power. Then go to the west coast and discover the tree. Use your rope on it to get the banana. Use the drop trick to get a number of (In-case you burn the snake.)
Tchiki monkey nuts
Wield your Ninja greegree, then go to the south a part of city. Discover the agility COURSE. Go throughout the obstacles till you discover a gap. Go down and choose a monkey nut. Once more, use the drop trick to get a number of if you want.
Take away your greegree. Then GO BACK to Crash Island. Discover a gap, then go down to seek out 4 Large Snakes. They’re degree 84, hit onerous, and are toxic. Defend from melee is suggested. Kill one and take the snake corpse (or extra if in case you have a number of Bananas/Monkey nuts).
Cooking the snake
After you may have every little thing, slice the banana and grind the nut. Then stuff your snake with them. Go to Ape Atoll, put in your Zombie greegree, then go to the temple basement. Go down the steps and search for a crack within the wall between the 2 bamboo stairs. Undergo, stroll throughout the new coals along with your undead toes, enhance your cooking degree right here if wanted, then cook dinner the snake on the rock.
Journey again to Lumbridge Citadel. Fastidiously right-click the Stuffed Snake and apply it to King Awowogei. Should you eat it, you will need to get one other one.

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