We’re proud to announce we have finally completed the first Raid! You can start it by going home and walking north towards the slayer masters. With this update we’ve introduced quite a few things, mainly the party system! This new feature acts just like clanchat with the ability to still be in a clanchat if you want. Go and try out the raids today!


May 22, 2018

  • fixed MlM
  • MlM shortcut now works
  • the drop view will no longer show on NPCs that don’t have the ‘attack’ option
  • Updated all of the ‘guide’ links ingame and on the website to redirect to the community forums
  • Ironmen can now access the fishing points store
  • Fixed bandos armor sets not giving anything
  • fixed a couple interface bugs, also added the cooking teleport to the menu
  • enraged general graador now shows up on the minimap
May 23, 2018
  • Changed price of dragon axe & pickaxe to 100k
  • Added shark fishing spot at fishing platform
  • fixed the dual event bosses with general graador and cerb
  • fixed a fishing bug
  • ;;dd and ;;sdd are now multi just like ;;edd
  • fixed a combat bug players might have been experiencing
  • fixed a bug with selecting menu options, such as ::afk
  • angler fish now health 28hp
  • fixed ;;forums and added ;;thread [id]
  • fixed the lime green phat color
May 24, 2018

  • Revamped hunter skill shop
  • Added xp bonus items to hunter tier
  • added ;;staff along with changing the information menu to now show the active online staff when you click it
  • also added the next event timer to the information panel, when you click it you will teleport to the active event just like typing ;;event
  • fixed hunter spawns
  • fixed the hunter invisible chatbox on lvl up
  • fixed hunter not displaying the exp/lvl correctly
  • made picking flax and tanning hides give you crafting exp, it’s not much but it’s enough to get a few early levels(edited)
  • added moulds to skilling supply shop
  • replaced mould store at ::Crafting with skilling supply shop
May 25, 2018
  • added a drop viewer to all the chests at home
  • fixed the world selector, no longer resizes the client
  • moved all of the chests and boxes and clues to a new additem API, now they will move to your bank or if they end up on the ground you get an alert, it should also fix the needed 1 inventory slot bug
  • beefed up the drop viewer a bit
  • added ;;edge, same with edgeville etc(edited)
May 26, 2018
  • moss giants now give PVM points
May 27, 2018
  • Corrected equip requirements for various items(edited)
  • Nerfed raids significantly