Quality of Life Weekend #18

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a couple bugs with the player owned shops.
  • Fixed the mining skill menu and added the infernal pickaxe to it.
  • Fixed a bug with the launcher not properly announcing that it can’t launch(this launcher update isn’t going to be forced so if your launcher is working without issue there’s no need to update it)
  • Fixed a bug with the object trigger code causing certain objects to error out.
  • Fixed a bug with being able to inject colors and crowns into the shops motto.
  • Fixed a bug with some chat box interfaces not properly clearing when you walk away.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with de-extreming and de-insaning accounts.


  • Made the trivia bot two toned in color.
  • You can now run in Puro Puro(;;puro), stamina will be deducted
  • Changed the color for the global drops to be slightly more orange.
  • All server events now have their own unique color.
  • You can now reset your account type with Rasolo from Normal to Extreme.
  • You can now reset your account type with Troglodytarum from Normal to Insane.
  • Added the wilderness altar to the milestones tab.
  • Made the level 99 announcement colors slightly darker.
  • Extended the length a shop description can be from 12 to 36 characters.
  • The trivia bot will no longer give duplicate questions back to back.
  • Added all of the spirit shields to the prayer menu.
  • Added every single prestige effect to the skill menu milestones, but if you’re extreme or insane, it will show up on the prestige level relative to your account type instead of the normal types.
  • You can now trade raid tokens & raid keys.
  • Added the infernal harpoon to the fishing catches menu.

Raid Changes:

  • Fixed a pretty bad bug with raids and the party system.
  • Fixed even more bugs with the raid system.
  • Fixed a few more bugs with the party system.
  • Removed the time limit for the raid invite and made it so it now requires accept aid to be toggled on.

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