We’ve been focusing on Quality of Life for this past week to bring a better experience to BadKush. The most notable changes would be the Weapon Game II Minigame, Spec Orb, Blood Money Pouch, and increased client sided settings to create the ultimate BadKush Experience.

Change Log:

Added a new event to the game called Spirit Tree Sproutlings! In this event a spirit tree will spawn in a random area around Badkush!
fixed the drop table viewer not being able to display certain monsters
fixed it so irons can trade the cooking tutor
heavily boosted rigour’s effect
colored whips and colored darkbows now act as aliases for their uncolored counterparts for the combination/buff system
launched the new download.badkush.page landing page and updated the cache failure instructions to download the utility program from there
corp in EDD no longer has double health
prayer bonuses from your worn items how have a much more noticeable effect
finished the BadKush Utility program, it’s now live at http://download.badkush.com/
if you ever run into cache related issues, please download and try the various options it provides
fixed the double zulrah kill counter
Fixed the stats for 3rd age mage
Fixed stats for 3rd age range
Added stats to the imbued max capes
Added 45 new questions to the trivia bot
Added rewards to the fighter and slayer chests
fixed purple slayer helm
fixed using (i) scrolls on colored slayer helms
Changed how vrare works and it’s now configurable by json. Adjusted the very rare drop table for corp
heavily adjusted the global slayer event to have a much lower kill count based on the player count
nerfed hawk eye and the other range prayers slightly
fixed when you disconnect during the player intro you would lose your starter/not be able to select ironman/extreme/etc
the global slayer event now times out only after 2 hours instead of 1
fixed a bug with the global slayer event
added crtl + r for recharge
the crystal dragon is now the last NPC for the fight arena minigame
removed seeds from birdnests, instead they’ll drop easy clues
your screen brightness option will now save
temp patched the make over mage’s validation bug
changed how zulrah provides boss and pvm points
added a few more client settings, removed a couple old settings such as snow and prestige colors
fixed ctrl + b
fixed the how many prayers trivia question
updated how preserve works slightly
removed some trivia questions
cyclopses now give you PVM points
the bird nest for seeds now gives hard clues instead of easy
changed the calculation on how we handle combinations, this should fix a few double precision bugs we’ve been experiencing
fixed a bug with nests
removed the ice warrior global slayer task temporarily
fixed it so you can no longer logout to reset your poison
made the client a little bit more forgiving during errors, instead of directly trying to force a disconnect it will try to recover itself first
updated the HP orb to be able to cure poison, it’ll now also change the background colors while you’re poisoned
updated the prayer orb to have a background change when quick prayers are selected
fixed up a trivia msg
added the spec orb
added a blood money pouch
adjust our value placements for beyond the trillion mark for Quadrillions and Quintillions
patched the tutorial
fixed a bug with the buff system
debugged the key system so if it says you didn’t get a key our staff can investigate why
actually fixed the bug with the buff system this time
fixed the spec orb not regenerating without a weapon
Buffed Skotizos health from 500 to 1000
adjusted the way how the combination buff system works, instead of punishing you at lvl 50 it’ll now punish you at lvl 90+. Now level 90-95 is a 50/50 chance to slip up, then 95-100 is a 1/3 chance to slip up.
fixed EDD corp having *2 hp
the Inadequacy will now only teleport one person per raid
added a wilderness altar teleport in the PVP teleports menu
added some dialogue to Dakh’thoulan Aegis
patched a couple potential dialogue stall bugs
Dakh’thoulan Aegis will now be able to swap your noted bones at the wilderness altar for no fee
Made Fighter keys stackable
Nerfed rune drags hp
Gave korasi stats
fixed the prayer hover menu in resizable mode
added exp drops past 200m exp, now you can judge your hits/still see your EXP even if you’re not getting it
Zamorak imbued max cape rack now gives the zammy hood instead of sara
adjust the spec orb hover slightly to be a bit more accurate
fixed our screen options selection to be a bit more obvious
fixed the glory
fixed a bug with prayer
possibly fixed the lag issue
I’ve adjusted the cooking rates slightly so higher end fish will give better exp than just cooking with sharks
ardy max cape now gives the proper thieving bonus
heavily adjusted the exp for crafting gems, this should make it an equal method of doing crafting compared with leather making now
fixed an NPC despawn bug
fixed a pretty good bug with abusing raids, now you can only join the raid if your party is in room 1-3 instead of on room 4
fixed a bug with the BadKush discord bot
fixed a bug with the punishment system
started reworking GWD, now it shouldn’t bug out any more to the point where you can’t attack NPCs
added infernal SS
added infernal whip
added an infernal santa, party hat and h’ween
added a new 2h weapon called a death bringer, this will be part of the new raid rewards
fixed a bug with trade ban
fixed a bug with the chatbox and adding friends/accepting trades
Made the amulet of torture (or) tradeable
fixed a couple bugs with NPCs
made it so if you dc during the raid and your team is on room 4 you can still rejoin the raid
adjusted the boss event to be 64 squares instead of 32 for the key
smoke battlestaff and mystic smoke staff now save you air and earth runes
fixed being able to combine donator capes
added steve the task extender, he’ll now extend your task up to the amount of 1,000 in intervals of 50
buffed tenta whip poison against npcs
fixed a bunch of bugs with the login menu and I also added a warning to prevent you from accidentally clearing all of your accounts
adjusted the inventory model offsets for the colored tbows
renamed clanwars to Fun PK