Quality of Life Weekend #19

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with mob drops.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with the new drop system.
  • Fixed a few bugs with raids.
  • Fixed an Inferno bug with being able to attack pillars.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with hunter trapping.
  • Fixed a bug with Puro Puro teleport not properly functioning due to object clipping issues.
  • Fixed a bug with the friends and ignore list sometimes bugging out.
  • Fixed a bug with the account creation system soft-locking the client if you get disconnected and log into an alt account without completing the tutorial.
  • Fixed a few bugs with the login menu and increased the number of saved alts from 3 to 7.
  • Fixed an annoying bug with the top frame of the mini-game in 667 mode sometimes bugging out when you’d switch tabs or minimize the game
  • Fixed a couple game breaking bugs.
  • Fixed a couple typos.


  • Multi-barrage no longer effects multi-height zones such as instances and mini-games.
  • Adjusted how the lunar and ancient altars work. They will now instantly switch to the main spell book, then it will switch from the main to the normal spell book.
  • Added a rest option to the run orb. You can now rest to restore energy 3.5 times as fast, it will also heal your health and prayer while resting, similar to how it does for ;;afk.
  • Updated the interface of all of the loot chests at home to include their key item.
  • The level up message toggle now properly saves on logout.
  • Finished the 667 gameframe mode in ‘fixed’ mode.
  • Added the server status to the login menu and also added the amount of players online as well.
  • Removed a lot of dead image producers that were just sucking up memory in the background.
  • Added an option to toggle back into fixed mode if the login menu is at resized or full screen mode.

Raid Changes:

  • Raids will now end after the NPC death animation instead of before.

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