QoL + Raid Update

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with the Object System causing issues between threads.
  • Fixed a bug with the Pet System sometimes causing pets to bug out in the region.
  • Fixed a bug with the NPC system sometimes causing NPCs to bug out in the region.
  • Fixed quite a few bugs with the command system.
  • Fixed a bug with the PM system.
  • Fixed a UI bug with most of the BadKush games.
  • Fixed a bug with the ;;punishments command.
  • Fixed a bug with Raids sharing chat messages between them.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with the player owned shop description system.
  • Fixed a bug with being able to kick yourself from your own party.
  • Fixed the crown alignment for the clanchat members.
  • Fixed a bug with the highscores data to disk.
  • Fixed a bug with deleting your own clan.
  • Fixed a bug with the clan system not properly working with the new changeable display system.
  • Fixed a bug with the clanchat scrollbar not properly resizing.


  • The Ancient Samurai now has the same drop table as the Ancient Archer.
  • The Ancient Warlocks HP has be lowered to 300, the same as the Ancient Archer.
  • Buffed the Gelatin Mothers health fro 150 to 700.
  • Changed how the punishment system works for long term IP & HWID bans.
  • Adjusted the command menu slightly to help make it easier to figure out what it does.
  • Added a few Admin debug commands to help debug raids and other various mini-games that contain NPC killing.
  • Added ;;punishments to show your active punishments and how long they’ll be active for.
  • Greater Demons now give PVM points and also now has a Kill Counter.
  • Added a BadKush Guard(bank pin) to Zeah’s city teleport.
  • Added a few items into the game(not yet released publicly).
  • Added a few NPC combat definitions(more will be added over the next week)
  • Added a tutorial to the BK Blaster game.
  • Changed up the Trivia System so all anagrams will now properly shuffle instead of just displaying the same static message(Thanks @Array)
  • Added up a few more anagrams to Trivia, there is now a total 70 BadKush related anagrams.
  • Ironmen now have a 10% RNG bonus.
  • Ultimate Ironmen now have a 20% RNG bonus.
  • Hardcore Ironmen(coming soon) will have a 30% RNG bonus.
  • Adjusted quite a few sidebar icons.
  • Added a brand new sidebar interface for the party system. It’s based off the Clan chat interface so it should be super familiar(it will automatically swap over to the party chat tab where the profile tab would normally be, the icon changes to indicate the tab has swapped over)
  • The right-click kick option now works on the party book item.
  • When opening the profile leaderboards, it will now reset the scroll bar position.
  • Renamed “Profile Leaderboards” to “Players Online”
  • When clicking the Quest>Information>Online Players text, it will now open the Players Online interface.
  • The Players Online interface will now show your icon along side your name.
  • While using string commands, such as <img=1> or <cla=2>, it will now only show up for you instead of showing up for everyone in the public chat radius.
  • Decided to replace the player profile tab with the part chat entirely. I made it so its an easy global toggle incase anyone wants it to be optional in the future.
  • The party chat system will now show your current activity if you’re doing Raids or Group Slayer.
  • Added some debug code to help figure out issues with raid rewards not properly dispensing.
  • Adjusted the height of the crowns in the statistics tab.
  • Looking up a new players profile will now reset the scrollbar for the profile viewer.
  • While “liking” or “disliking” someones profile, it will now update their “likes” and “dislikes” to reflect the current number.
  • The online players interface now has the following tab sorting: All, Views, Likes & Dislikes.

Raid Changes:

  • Added a new reward system to Raids: if you complete a raid, you’ll have a chance to complete another raid within an hour, if you do it within the hour, you’ll be rewarded with 2 keys instead of just 1. You can do this one more time for 3 keys but then it will be reset back to 1 after you’ve completed the third Raid.
  • Adjusted the way how raids scale. They will now start to scale at a party size of 2, instead of 4.

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