Prince Ali Rescue Quest Information – 2007 Outdated Faculty – EOC

Prince Ali Rescue is a good quest to finish primarily since you get free passages into Al-Kharid.

No degree or quest necessities wanted for this quest so everybody can do that quest.

You have to some meals to guard from degree 26 Guards, they are going to be aggresive to anybody beneath 53 Fight.

Objects wanted:
7 Balls of Wool – Shear sheep and use their wool on a spinning wheel in Lumbridge
2 Onions – Choose from any onion farm
1 Redberry – Picked from Redberry bushes close to Varrock Mines.
1 Ash – Picked up after fires have been put out.
1 Pot of Flour – Purchased from the Culminancer Chest.
1 Bucket of Water – use an empty Bucket on a Fountain.
1 Mushy Clay – Use a bucket of water on clay
1 Bronze Bar – purchased from Shantay Move vendor
50-100 Cash – get from drops.
3 Beers
1 Pink Skirt
1 Bucket of Water
1 Rope

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