We’ve upgraded our pet system to now allow up to 3 pets at once! You can also now store your pets when you die by getting insurance on them. Pets will also no longer become lost, logging out also keeps your pets so you dont need to drop them to have them out.

In other news we’ve also fixed the following:

  • added the ;;afk command
  • AOTP now drops boss points, it also now records how long the fight takes
  • AOTP also has a kill count
  • probably fixed the AOTP instance bugs, gonna give it a whirl in production and if that fixes it ill apply that change to all the instanced bosses
  • tweaked the AOTP boss fight a little bit
  • fixed that annoying despawning bug
  • gave the scarabs some love
  • new ::dice area
  • slightly touched our cycle event system, it’s a bit more clean now and should make adding things easier
  • doing ::afk now recharges your prayer and health for +5 every 10 seconds(edited)
  • fixed dropping, you can now drop party once again
  • buffed the max capes and made it so the RoW (i) now gives +2 stats
  • Made the pharaoh staff correctly one handed and autocasting ancients
  • Buffed lava spirit shield so it has the attack stats of dragon defender, to make it more of a “bis” instead of optional with ddef
  • made it so when you get the 4:20 reward it no longer requires the 1 hour wait time
  • made the discord msg always give a random hand picked yt video for 4:20
  • ironmen and donators can now freely switch between their crowns
  • added soul ess making with rcing