Outdated Faculty RuneScape – Loot from 100 Straightforward clue scrolls after launch of Grasp clues!

Skip to 9:34 to view all of the rewards and skip to 14:15 to view the quantity all of the rewards offered for!

Let me know when you guys desire a related video for another clue scrolls and what your most terribleeeee Straightforward clue scroll reward has been.

Thanks for watching.

Unlisted video of all 100 Straightforward clue scrolls being opened:

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♬ Music credit score (so as) courtesy of
Everyone – Elias Naslin
Some Sort Of Magic 3 – Niklas Gustavsson
Streets Of Paris 2 – Tomas Skyldeberg
Rookie Mistake 2 – Martin Gauffin
Backbreaker 1 – Niklas Ahlström
Lights Out Work Out 3 – Niklas Ahlström

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