Outdated Faculty RuneScape Dragon Defender/Warriors Guild Information – From no defender by means of to Dragon!

DRAGON DEFENDER DROP RATE IS 1/100 confirmed by Mod John C on twitter: https://twitter.com/JagexJohnC/standing/563291097221582848

Bronze by means of to Rune defender drop fee is 1/50.

Thanks for watching guys, I hope you loved the information and located it helpful, extra to come back quickly! Gear/stock/teleport alternate options listed under. I respect any suggestions by any means so be happy to inform me what you thought within the feedback!

When you have any options/assume I could have left one thing out simply go away a remark and I’ll strive to verify it’s fastened or added to the listing under ASAP! 😀

Armour Setups (Greatest left to proper):

Helmet:- Serpentine helm/Void Helm/Helm of Neitiznot/Fighter Hat/Berserker Helm/Warriors Helm/Dharok’s helm/Verac’s Helm/Torag’s Helm/Rune full helm
Amulet:- Amulet of Fury/Amulet of Glory/Amulet of Energy
Cape:- Firecape/Skillcape/Obsidian cape/Legends cape
Weapon:- Kraken tentacle/Abyssal whip/Dragon scimitar/Saradomin sword/Godsword/Dharok’s axe
Protect:- Dragon defender/Dragonfire defend/Rune defender/Adamant defender (no matter present defender you might be as much as)/Toktz-ket-xil/Dragon Sq. defend/Rune kite
Torso:- Bandos chestplate/Fighter torso/Void high/Dharok’s platebody/Verac’s brassard/Any barrows chestplate/Dragon chainbody/Rune platebody
Legs:- Bandos tassets/Void backside/Dharok’s platelegs/Verac’s Plateskirt/Any barrows platelegs/Rune platelegs
Boots:- Dragon boots/Rune boots/Climbing boots/Bandos boots
Gloves:- Barrows gloves/Rune gloves/Void gloves/Fight Bracelet
Ring:- Berserker ring (i)/Warriors Ring (i)/non enchanted counterparts

Stock Setups:

Fight Boosts:- Tremendous fight potions/Tremendous set/Pure set/Common fight potion/Common potion set

Prayer potions (with holy wrench if potential)

Meals:- Tuna Potatos/Sharks/Monkfish/Potato with cheese/Lobsters

For gamers of stage fight 100 and under:
Full Mithril and/or full Adamant minus the kiteshield (so the total helm, platebody and platelegs solely)

For gamers above stage 100 fight:
Full Adamant and/or full Rune minus the kiteshield (so the total helm, platebody and platelegs solely)

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