Outdated Faculty RS3 (OSRS) lvl 87 Farming run (Tree run, Herb run and Birdhouse run)

Farming run + hunter
3 Inventories :
1. Stock


full swish
teles (runes) – home tele to TAVERLY
famous pineapples
famous basket of apples — (ultracompost as an alternative of famous
apples and pineapples)
5 – bushes(willow tree)
4 – fruit bushes(papaya)
stamina potion

1 – Lumbridge (tree)
2 – tele to Falador ( tree)
3 -tele to Varrock (tree)
4 -house tele to taverly (tree)
5- tele to Grand trade, then take spirit tree to gnome stronghold (fruit tree, and tree)
6 – from stronghold, use spirit tree once more to tree gnome village – comply with elkoy ( fruit tree)
7 – tele to the grand trade and take spirit tree to brimhaven (fruit tree)
8- from brimhaven, take the boat to Camelot ( fruit tree)

2. Stock

-Farming herb run

full swish
stamina potion
torstol seeds
seed dibber
ultracompost (bottomless compost)
ardy cloak
explorer ring
khareds’t memoirs
icy basalt
dramen employees
— Additionally carry tree sapling, fruit sapling, and calquat sapling. Tree and fruit sapling for farming guild.

1. Farming guild
2. Weiss (icy basalt tele)
3. trollheim
4. hosidius (khareds’t memoirs)
5. Ardougne – (ardougne cloak)
6. south Falador (explorer’s ring)
7. Camelot
8. morytania – (fariy ring – ALQ)
9. Tai bwo wannai for calquat tree – (fairy ring – CKR)

3. Stock

Financial institution all of the farming stuff apart from spade and compost.

Carry three mahogany saplings,
4 birdhouses
digsite pendant
barley seed

1. tele to fossil island and take mush tree to verdant valley (two birdhouses)
2. take magic mushtree and tele to mushroom meadow (two birdhouses)
3. from mushroom meadow go to mahogany tree patches and plant your mahogany saplings ( three mahogany saplings)


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