Outdated College RuneScape: Seer’s Rooftop Agility [57.5k+/hr]

The laborious Kandarin Achievement Diaries gave the Seer’s Rooftop Agility course an unprecedented 25% enhance to exp per hour. They’ve fairly lenient necessities, the best one being 75 Smithing which could be very attainable by any participant and might be boosted. If you happen to’re going for 99 agility by rooftops, it could be unwise to not do that course from 57-90, skipping the Pollnivneach and Rellekka programs utterly.

Disconnected half an hour in and could not be fucked restarting. Take pleasure in and RIP Pollnivneach and Rellekka programs.


Chicane feat. Blandine – What Am I Doing Right here? (Half 1) (Walsh & McAuley Remix)

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