Outdated College RS2 Cash Making Information – 500k+/hr

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NOTE: All numbers have been based mostly on mithril bars. Adamant bars are very comparable in revenue however thee exp/hr goes up.
NOTE2: I used to be made conscious that I forgot to say minigame teleports. There’s a minigame teleport to Blast Furnace for these .

Preliminaries: Startup money, really helpful 50+ smithing and coal bag
Place: Keldagrim, east of Rellekka
Course of: Put the required ore on the conveyor belt and wait. ONnly half the conventional quantity of required coal is critical. Blast Furnace world is 358
Revenue: ~825-1350 bars/hr. At present costs that is 325k-535k revenue/hr and 24.5k-40.5k exp/hr with mithril bars

This can be a information on the right way to generate profits on Outdated College RS2. When you have every other cash making strategies you desire to a video made out of go away it beneath.

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