OSRS: Quests that give Agility Expertise ~Outdated College RuneScape 2007

This time I am going to Present what Quests Grants you [AGILITY] XP
Quests are a linear sequence duties, as soon as accomplished gamers can achieve REWARDS corresponding to objects, abilities, expertise, or quest factors. They’re labelled with a blue star or compass rose Quest icon icon on the Minimap. Quests may be accomplished as soon as, in contrast to minigames which may be repeated.
The Quest Journal on the interface has the entire record of quests and are colored CODED:

Purple – not STARTED
Yellow – began
Inexperienced – accomplished
As of 8 September, 2013, there are a complete of 127 quests in Outdated College RuneScape (not together with the sub-quests of Recipe for Catastrophe and the wish-list of the Odd Outdated Man from the Rag and Bone Man quest), providing a complete of 246 quest factors (together with one extra quest level gained by finishing the wish-list of the Odd Outdated Man from the Rag and Bone Man quest).
Gamers who’ve the utmost variety of quest factors are in a position to put on the search level cape.
The quests requiring the very best talent stage are:

Agility – Grim Tales
Assault – Holy Grail
Building – Chilly Conflict
Cooking – Recipe for Catastrophe (FREEING King Awowogei)
Crafting – Lunar Diplomacy
Defence – King’s Ransom
Farming – Fairytale II – Treatment a Queen
Firemaking – Desert Treasure
Fishing – Swan Music
Fletching – Devious Minds
Herblore – Fairytale II – Treatment a Queen
Hitpoint – (None)
Hunter – Eagles’ Peak
Magic – Swan Music
Mining – Lunar Diplomacy
Prayer – The Nice Mind Theft
Ranged – Mourning’s Ends Half I
Runecrafting – Devious Minds
Slayer – Rum Deal
Smithing – Devious Minds
Power – Legends’ Quest
Thieving – Grim Tales
Woodcutting – Grim Tales
Fight – Dream Mentor
Quest factors – Recipe for Catastrophe (Ultimate Battle)

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