The Sun begins to crest, and the dawn awakens. There’s something stirring far off in the universe of BadKush. The void is moving closer than ever before, how long until it collides with our universe? Our great mage the Kush guide has begun constructing a portal into their realm so our champions may try and stop the collision before its too late. Sharpen your swords, test your bows, and gather your wisdom. The time is coming!



  • added funpk
  • the new badkush forums are in development –
  • ironmen can now access the dshop 4 and pvm shop 2
  • ironmen can now access the fishing points store


  • fixed a couple bugs with being able to teleport out of certain minigames


  • Removed rune armor drops from kraken’s rare table also made diamonds noted and 1-25 instead of 1 uncut also removed the javelins
  • added enraged skotizo to the boss event
  • added enraged girgio to the boss event
  • fixed a bug with viriditas
  • Base for raids is almost complete


  • Fixed Motherload Mine!
  • fixed moulds getting removed while making jewelry
  • Motherload Mine shortcut now works


  • Fixed All Bolts Giving Prayer Bonus
  • Made all cosmetics from 420 chest tradable
  • Completely fixed ornamental godswords
  • Fixed Trident of the Seas (Full)
  • Fixed the price of cooked angler fish, was 450 now 1k
  • All Proselyte armor now gives proper prayer bonus
  • Veracs armor now gives proper prayer bonus
  • Holy Book now gives proper prayer bonus
  • Book of Balance now gives Proper prayer bonus
  • Unholy Book now gives proper prayer bonus
  • Made fully charged blowpipe untradeable to save people from losing their scales/darts
  • platinum token examine is now changed
  • ghetto patched the penguin mask
  • ghetto patched the afro
  • Fixed bandos armor sets not giving anything

4:20 Chest

  • Added Cap & Goggles to the 420 chest – rare
  • Added Cleaver to the 420 chest – uncommon
  • Added Kitchen Knife to the 420 Chest – uncommon
  • Added Rolling pin to the 420 Chest – uncommon
  • Added Skewer to the 420 Chest – uncommon
  • Added Frying Pan to the 420 Chest – uncommon
  • Added Spatula to the 420 Chest – uncommon
  • Added Spork to the 420 Chest – uncommon


  • fixed ldz


  • the drop view will no longer show on NPCs that don’t have the ‘attack’ option
  • updated all of the ‘guide’ links ingame and on the website to redirect to the community forums
  • fixed a couple interface bugs, also added the cooking teleport to the menu
  • enraged general graador now shows up on the minimap


  • party system is almost done
  • clanchat is now it’s own independant tab
  • the party system & all party chat msgs now work on the clanchat tab instead of ‘game’
  • autochat no longer spits out your last sent private msg
  • fixed the afk msg for staff if they have a long username