Oldschool EOC – EPIC DKS LOOT! + Barrows Loot! | 2007 Servers Progress Ep. 69

I knew episode 69 can be good luck LOL

Tags : PRE-EOC 2007 servers oldschool vote gameplay cash making information degree up information quick coaching jagex barrows drops loot torag verac dharok ahrim karil desert treasure information safespots for pures damis fareed kamil dessous learn how to kill dt bosses financial institution video barbarian assault information assault attacker gather collecter defender defend healer heal fighter torso full penance information struggle caves fireplace cape information jad tz-tok-jad information berserker pure fireplace cape information nice mind theft quest information barrelchest boss struggle barrelchest anchor struggle barrelchest anchor max hit third age platelegs clue reward 3a onerous clue freakout freak out response third age platelegs response bandos zamorak armadyl saradomin godwars gwd bossing armadyl hilt response freakout full bandos armadyl godsword dagannoth kings dks rex prime supreme dragon axe hatchet berserker ring drop freakout response warrior ring archers ring seers ring

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