NPC Addition/Mob Updates

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the multi combat for the new boss event areas.
  • Fixed a bug with one the Packet Buffers breaking.
  • Fixed the Crystal Aviansie Slayer task.
  • Fixed the Boss Event timer.
  • Fixed a bug with the multi overlay drawing overtop of interfaces.
  • Fixed the minimum amount reward for Chests, MBoxes and Drops.
  • Fixed a bug with the chat packet while in a party and you don’t have a title.
  • Fixed a bug with the Defence roll system.
  • Fixed a bug with the NPC transforming rings resetting NPC combat.
  • Fixed walking bankers and removed a few more duplicated NPCs.
  • Fixed Ironmen accessing the Hunter shop.
  • Fixed the login menu sometimes resetting your accounts.


  • Completely revised the items in the Mystery Box at ;;dz
  • Added over 150 NPCs with the correct ID and position to Varrock to be 1:1 with osrs.
  • Added 3,250 NPCs all around BadKush. Working on fixing duplication’s, incorrect IDs (e.g. “Man” has multiple model IDs), and other bugs.
  • Adjusted the minimum Blood Money reward from Event Chest, so you will now no longer get x1 Blood Money.
  • Deposit-X now works like Deposit-All for amounts over 2b.
  • Withdraw-X now works like Withdraw-All for amounts of 2b.
  • The drop table interface will now properly show the min-max amount of item placements.
  • Added ;;mrc for multi Rock Crabs.
  • ;;fight (NPCID)(NPCID) now works for Legendary Donators+
  • You will no longer be able to spend money with your Gold/Blood Money pouch, until your bank pin is entered.
  • Added Insane accounts to the Highscores.
  • Added Hardcore Ironmen to the Highscores for when that game mode is ready server side.
  • Added Rev Cave NPC’s, Goblins at Lumbridge, Tzhaar NPCs, & added Party Pete to Falador Party Room.
  • Your saved account data is now properly encrypted.
  • Wilderness Slayer can now only be completed in the Wilderness. Sorry fellas.

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