New Quest/Duo Slayer!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a typo in the ;;dr for Legendary Donators.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with the transparent chatbox.
  • Fixed a bug with the BGS.
  • Fixed a bug with the exp counter sometimes flashing white/inverting the colors.


  • Rewrote the Crystal Chest to use the new chest API, this should fix all of the bugs players have been experiencing with it.
  • Adjusted the very rare drop table and made it fire way more often.
  • Added a couple commands to reboot Jeeves, in case he dies on us.
  • Added Discord rich presence to the client. As long as you have it enabled on Discord, it will update saying what you’re attacking, where you are, and what skill you’re training.
  • Moved EDZ to Keldagrim.
  • Changed the location of LDD.
  • Rewrote how group Slayer works.
  • Removed the RFD gloves from the slayer shop since they’re a drop from Agrith-Na-Na.
  • Added the RFD quest line, the only way to get the gloves is from this quest.
  • Changed the ‘Destroy Item’ interface.
  • You can now use Group Slayer with boss tasks (you won’t be able to share an instance yet, but you’ll be able to share the extended task along with the completion streak exp)
  • Lowered the price of the weapons in the Slayer shop.
  • Added sounds and music to the client.
  • Added a way to leave pest control.
  • If you’re in a party it will now share your chat messages regardless of your distance between the other player.

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