NEW Magic Armour! & NEW Rewards (Shades of Mort’ton Rework)

Bloodbark, Swampbark & Zealot are the brand new Armour items now within the sport! Be a part of the clan chat: Jakeyosaurus
Information Submit:

►Discord – Be a part of the Neighborhood:
►Twitch – Watch Stay: https://www.twitch.television/Jakeyosaurus
►YouTube Sponsor: part of
►Snapchat: Jakeyosaurus

Commenting, Score and Subscribing are all a lot appreciated! 🙂

Music: ► 00:05 Legend of Zelda – BoTW Electro swing remix ► 03:28 OSRS – Dance of the undead ► 06:06 Ghost Kozmoz – tetris theme electro swing remix ► 09:04 Kevin Macleod – Investigations ► 10:41 OSRS – Melodrama
Outro Music: ►Oldschool RuneScape Soundtrack Melodrama

PLAY Oldschool EOC:

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