New BP Specs + Updates

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with the Toxic Blowpipe.
  • Fixed a bug with Vannaka scamming Crystal Keys.
  • Fixed a bug with the bank crashing on the last new tab being selected.
  • Fixed the math on the double exp rings, it’ll now double your entire exp multiplier instead of just adding onto the main multiplier.
  • Fixed a bug with certain Life Leech weapons not properly working.
  • Fixed a bug with the Handcannon.
  • Fixed a bug with Magic weapon special attacks.
  • Fixed Zachariah’s droptable.
  • Fixed the nulled items being dropped with the random drop table system.
  • Fixed the nulled drops bug for non-randomized drops.
  • Fixed a bug with the Vorkath Blowpipe not firing its special for some players.
  • Fixed a typo with Dragonfire Potions.
  • Fixed the lever by the Mage bank.
  • Fixed item searching on very rare drop tables.
  • Fixed a bug with the random drop generator firing every 5 minutes, it’s now back to firing once every 2 hours.
  • Fixed a bug with the price checker not letting you price check non-tradeable items.
  • Fixed overhead crowns for mods.
  • Fixed mod icons on the main game login screen.
  • Fixed the Boss Event making HC’s lose their status, you’ll now also no longer lose your items when you die there.
  • Fixed a bug with Handcannon, Workath BP and KDB BP hitting twice on the special attack.
  • Fixed a bug with certain special attacks damaging pets.
  • Fixed a bug with the Abyssal Raid.


  • Removed the Sailors price.
  • The Slayer Helm can now be used to teleport you to the Slayer Master.
  • Added the Tanzanite and the Magma mutagens to Zulrah.
  • You can now create the Magma and Tanzanite helms when using the Mutagen on a Serpentine Helm.
  • Magma Helm will give 50% DPS bonus towards all Ranged attacks.
  • Tanzanite Helm will give 200% more accuracy towards all Ranged attacks.
  • Magma Blowpipe now has its own animation, along with the KBD and Vorkath Blowpipe.
  • Added the Vorkath Blowpipe and King Black Dragon blowpipe, they will both only require Darts instead of Darts and Scales.
  • KBD Blowpipe has a special that acts as a multi-attack 12×12 Dragonfire Breath.
  • Vorkath Blowpipe has a special that acts as a multi-attack 12×12 Dragon Acid attack.
  • Added the Hand Cannon, it has a special that acts as a multi-attack that fires Cannon balls in a 12×12 area.
  • Added a special attack to the Ultimate Pharaoh Scepter, it will iterate between all of the barrage mage attacks.
  • The settings menu is now completely searchable.
  • The Bank interface search function will now update the bank title.
  • The bank will now give visual feedback when you’re inside of a new tab.
  • Insane accounts can now get an exp multiplier upto 10x instead of just 6x.
  • While searching the bank, it will no longer reset the search function.
  • Examining ground items will now show their item worth.
  • All of the new items(handcannon, blowpipes etc.) will now announce on drop.
  • Local drops nw fire at 100k value instead of 50k value.
  • Adjusted the height level overhead text/icons draw at when text has been spoken.
  • Skotizo no longer requires a totem per kill.
  • Adjusted Skotizo’s drops.
  • Safe death will no longer teleport you to Death, instead you’ll be teleported directly to home.
  • Adjusted the cooking exp for Sea turtles, Manta Rays, Anglerfish and Dark Crabs.
  • Korasi is now waaayyyy more powerful.
  • Usernames are now slightly less restricted.
  • On NPC’s with more than 300 health left, the Korasi will do extra damage and hit twice.
  • Added a spec to the Vesta Longsword, Vesta Spear and Statius Warhammer.
  • Removed the wilderness boss event and repurposed it as a stand alone wilderness boss that will respawn every 10 minutes when killed.
  • Redid the download page and update system.
  • Added the ;;boost command to show discord server boost reward informations.
  • Reduced the price of changing your name, title, title color, and title prefix/suffix toggle.
  • Added the command ;;titles to easily change your title.

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