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Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed using Recharge(ctrl+r) in Fight Caves/Inferno.
  • Fixed a bug with mob drops.
  • Fixed a bug with the Account Creation sometimes kicking in when you reconnect as a new account.
  • Fixed a bug with ;;afk not properly freezing your character.
  • Fixed a bug with being able to rest while afking.
  • Fixed item crafting while resting.
  • Fixed banking while resting.
  • Fixed a couple dialogues where they had click to continue, but the space bar didn’t work.
  • Fixed a bug with Vorki and the Racoon pets.
  • Fixed a bug with the chat box background drawing twice.
  • Fixed the drops option for Demonic Gorillas and a few other monsters.
  • Fixed a bug with the Crystal Chest sometimes giving the item amount of 0.
  • Friends on your Friends List will now show up on your Clanchat as a friend.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with Clanchat.
  • Fixed a bug with the Cat NPC.
  • Fixed a bug with the Cooking Tutor.
  • Fixed a bug with the account lock system.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with the 317 game frame map in Re-sizable mode.
  • Fixed the stat requirements for the Sanguinesti staff.
  • Fixed using a Glory in Wilderness levels 21-30.
  • Fixed a bug with the global ground items.
  • Fixed a bug with the last opened interface being the PVP tab.


  • Added a couple new sentences to Jeeves.
  • Made it so you can scroll the Avatar Menu with the arrow keys.
  • Super Donators can now craft Cannonballs with an Ammo Mould and Iron Bars.
  • You can now make Cannonballs with Steel Bars for double the amount of balls made per bar.
  • Kruzision Spirit Shield now acts as an Anti Dragonfire Shield.
  • An Ammo Mould will spawn inside of the Smithing area at ;;sdz.
  • Added a Wine of Zamorak to the wilderness altar and the Mage of Zamorak temple by Falador.
  • Added James the Drop-table viewer at ;;home.
  • Re-positioned the Kush Guard.
  • All of the Smithing, Herblore, Fletching and Crafting chatbox interfaces can now be controlled to make all with the number keys, 1-8.
  • Added a 317 Gameframe chatbox background.
  • Lowered the exp rate for Low and High Alch.
  • Staff members will now show their crowns in any Clanchats.
  • Staff members will now automatically have Founder Rights in any Clanchats.
  • You can override staff members ranks by having them added as a friend, or by ranking them in the Clanchat itself.
  • Staff members when they speak in the Clanchat will always have their staff crown, unless they’re the founder of the Clanchat.
  • Adding and removing friends will now update the Clanchat ranks visually.
  • Whenever your visual crown changes the default Clanchat ‘kon’ will now automatically update your crown.
  • Added a way to exchange your Platinum Tokens, Blood Money, and Coins with any bank booth or bank chest.
  • Updated the text for whenever a player opens a chest or an mbox and gets a good reward.
  • Updated the text for whenever a global drop happens.
  • Added a bunch of alias commands for the ;;runeessence teleport command.
  • Added ;;lovakite and ;;lovakitemining teleport commands.
  • Added ;;gems and ;;gemmining teleport commands.
  • Added ;;faladormining teleport command.
  • The chatbox no longer gets partially cut off with a full chat box while scrolled up to the top.
  • Swapped the face East and West context menu options for the compass.
  • Added 667 side-icons to the 667 game frame mode.
  • Added a new Re-sizable game frame for the inventory area for 317 game frame mode.
  • Changed the Costume Icon and made it make more sense when you toggle Costume Equipment.
  • Relocated a Red Dragon in the ;;brim dungeon, so that it would stop spawning in the walls.
  • In the Elite Donator Zone all of the ancient monsters health is now reduced by 1/4th.
  • Cursors are now automatically enabled on a brand new settings profile.
  • The item exchange interface for pets now works with the 1-2 number keys.
  • The client will now automatically log you out if it encounters a Null, instead of trying to keep you logged in.
  • Going into 317 mode will now show the orbs still.

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