More Drops, More Fixes!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bunch of random bugs in the client.
  • Fixed the main websites donation system.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with the HP bar and overhead text.
  • Fixed the inventory model for the Infernal and Lava Spirit Shields.
  • Fixed a few items having upside-down inventory icons.
  • Fixed the Camo(g) Partyhat & Specs(temp)
  • Fixed Zulrahs drops.
  • Fixed a bug with players going invisible.
  • Fixed a bug with the ‘previous’ command(CTRL+P)
  • Fixed a bug with teleporting.
  • Fixed a bug with overloaded RNG.
  • Fixed a bug with Death.
  • Fixed a bug with the Item Buff system.
  • Fixed a bug with Burnt Herring.
  • Fixed Brine Sabre attack animations.
  • Fixed a bug with the Discord bot using too many resources.


  • Updated a few miscellaneous NPC’s.
  • Remastered the bot API to advance scalability and reusability for future development.
  • ;;runelite mode is now togglable.
  • All of the toggle commands will now alert you of their status being on or off.
  • Rewrote the bot equipment switch system from scratch, this new system works flawlessly.
    Adjusted the examine text system, it will now always include the items description, not just the items amount.
  • Redid the donator shop and removed most of the common gear.
  • Insane mode no longer has a 3.5x exp limiter on it, instead it’s been increased to 6x.
  • Halved the tickrate required for Bonfires, it will now add a log every 3 ticks.
  • Added a new setting called smart render, if enabled it will only render your pets and minions in a high populated area.
  • Added a setting to completely disable other players pets from rendering.
  • Added a setting to completely disable other players minions from rendering.
  • Added randomized player indexes(pid). Every 10 minutes, the server will change the order of which player will be processed first.
  • Added player Shrinking and Growing potions. They are a permanent effect that will reset if you enter the wilderness or the duel arena.
  • Added Vindicator armour for the next BiS Melee DPS set.
  • Added Drop Catchers, they are configurable and depending on the type, it will send items directly to your inventory or bank.
  • Abyssal Bludgeon now requires 70 Attack and Strength to wield.
  • Monkey Nuts will now heal you 99HP per.
  • Zulrah will now drop way more scales.
  • Added drops to Choke devil, Vitreous Warped Jelly, Warped Jelly, Jelly, King Kurask, Greater Nechryael, Cave Abomination, Basilisk, Monstrous Basilisk, Marble Gargoyle, Deviant Spectre, Repugnant Spectre, Abhorrent Spectre and Insatiable Mutated Bloodveld.
  • You now have the option of buying Chili Potatoes noted or unnoted in the food shop.
    Buffed the Beast Master Armour.
  • Redid the discord API command system. Now ‘!’ is an identifier instead of just ‘;;’ or ‘::’
  • The Twisted Bow will now heal 0.5HP per damage you do.
  • The Ultimate Twisted Bow and the Ultimate Granite Maul will now heal 1HP per damage you do.

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