Making a Newbie PKing Account from 0 GP

Creating a brand new account construct for the newbie destroyer. Because the granite maul has been up to date and it now prices much more to make use of it the account goes be geared up with 31 prayer

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Quest Listing (in no explicit order):

Stressed Ghost
Ernest The Hen
Priest in Peril
Animal Magnetism
Mountain Daughter (for bearhead)
Shopper of Kourend
Varrock Platebody (Varrock Diarys 1)
Digsite Quest
Druidic Ritual
witchs home
imp catcher
Witchs Potion
Grand Tree
Waterfall Quest
Tree Gnome Village
Demise Plateau
Rune Mysteries (for varrock diary)

Non-compulsory (however really useful) quests to do for quick XP:
Sea Slug (Non-compulsory, for twenty-four fishing for diary)
Hazeels Cult (Non-compulsory thieving XP)
Tribal Totem (Non-compulsory thieving XP)
Demon Slayer (Non-compulsory, For Shadow of the Storm)
The Golem (Non-compulsory, For Shadow of the Storm)
Shadow of the Storm (Non-compulsory, for 10K Ranged XP)
Dorics Quest (Non-compulsory, to get xp requirement for Knights Sword)
The Knights Sword (Non-compulsory, for smithing XP for Vacationer Entice)
The Vacationer Entice (Non-compulsory, for 1-26 Agility)
Enter the Abyss Miniquest (Non-compulsory, for 9 Runecrafting)

For Venezuelans: Guía para hacer dinero en RS2

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