Lumbridge/Draynor Medium Achievement Diary Information | Oldschool RuneScape

Objects Wanted: Runes for Lumbridge Teleport, Mith Grapple, Rune Crossbow (Mith or Larger), 75 Metal Arrows, ~2k Cash, Dramen/Lunar Workers, Fly Fishing Rod, Feathers, Needle, Thread, Leather-based, Fireplace and Earth Talisman, Fireplace Rune, Pure Essence, Axe, Impling Jay, Butterfly Web

Objects Really helpful: Lumbridge Teleports, Glory, Ring of Duelling, Stamina Potions

Ranges Want: 20 Agility, 19 Power, 50 Ranged, 31 Magic, 30 Fishing, 38 Crafting, 30 Woocutting, 38 Thieving, 70 Fight, 41 Hunter, 23 Runecrafting

Quests: Animal Magnetism, Fairy Story II (Began), Misplaced Metropolis, Rune Mysteries

Keep in mind to put up under if something must be mounted or modified! Thanks for watching guys hope this helped you out.

twitch: http://twitch.television/souporhero

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