As glough resided in his granite cave, picking his teeth with a toothpick made from the bones of his challengers. The ground shook, and a portion of his cave collapsed into the water as Tiny Girgio busted through the wall only to take his prized granite clamps for his own! Tiny Girgio also noticed a fallen pirate harboring a treasure chest. As he got back to his niche he opened the chest to find a funny looking cutlass only a citizen of BadKush could make use. But these granite clamps glowed hot with the energy that they stored within.



  • Added Ultimate Granite maul
  • Added lucky cutlass (+5% DRB)
  • made it so the slayer helm only works on your current task, also buffed the (i) to be 20% instead of 15% also made it adjust your base level not just the special attack
  • adjusted the amount of scepters needed for the ultimate
  • made full mummy modifies magic max hit by 2x damage
  • Need 10 granite clamps from tiny girgio to create the ultimate granite maul!


  • Tiny Girgio Drops Lucky Cutlass (rare) And The Granite clamps  (rare) to create the Ultimate Granite Maul
  • Fixed Army Of The Pharaohs random invincibility etc! fixed completely!
  • Fixed gatekeeper not fighting back


  • Mobs will no longer player jump you!
  • hardened crystal monsters give +5 pvm and +1 boss now
  • fixed void elite working on NPCs


  • fixed the shops charging you money when your inventory was full


  • temp removed vetion from the boss slayer monsters, added like 4-5 more to replace him for now


  • Fixed a bug with a prayer achievement
  • genie can now reset your hp to 1, it also properly displays the combat level after reset now
  • added ::event to spit out an estimate of when the next boss event is
  • Fixed the following items Interfaces:
    • Leaf-Bladed Battleaxe
    • Rune battleaxe
    • Leaf-Bladed Sword
    • Leaf-Bladed Spear
    • Elder wand
    • Master wand
    • Apprentice wand
    • Beginner wand
    • 3rd age wand
    • Rune pickaxe nz
    • Custom dragon pickaxe
    • Dragon pickaxe
    • Katana
    • Adamant cane
    • black cane
    • Dragon cane
    • Rune cane
    • 3rd age pickaxe
    • Infernal pickaxe uncharged
    • Infernal pickaxe
    • 3rd age longsword