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Fishing lvls? Clemps determined to try Previous College PRE-EOC in an try to sway some opinions. Or perhaps he desires to lure one other unsuspecting Rune wearer into the Wilderness? Solely time can inform.


Aceuhhh AKA https://www.twitch.television/aceuhhh for serving to me get a BUNCH of footage. He was the man following me round and retaining me secure all through a overwhelming majority. Go try his twitch for extra streams!

TentacleTouchy – AKA who’s now making my pretty new thumbnails!

Dan AKA Who drew the earlier cheeky lil Clemps within the thumbnail

Volta Bass AKA Who animated the unbelievable intro AND drew the unbelievable outro and new cheeky lil Clemps within the thumbnail!

MegumiGoats AKA An absolute sweetheart with a present for the humanities. Helped draw the lovable little reactionary photographs all through the video.

Perils of Pokey AKA for his Bayonetta and WoW footage (Shoutout to his Paladin, ‘Wumpscut.’)

END MUSIC CREDIT: IanFitC – Save the Queen (The Wavering Blade) – FFIX Worlds Aside (OCRemix)
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My Discord for listening to me vent about modifying points.


Woodcutting Stage Up – Ian Taylor (PRE-EOC)

Lindblum – Remaining Fantasy 9

Beginner Melody – Ian Taylor (PRE-EOC)

Concord – Ian Taylor (PRE-EOC)

Dogsong – Undertale

Mt. Rikuroa – Legend of Legaia

Sea Shanty 2 – Ian Taylor (PRE-EOC)

The Sneaky Frog and the Scoundrel – Remaining Fantasy 9

Fairy Battle – Remaining Fantasy 9

Scape Primary – Ian Taylor (PRE-EOC)

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