How I Made 2 Million GP In 3 Days – Previous Faculty RuneScape Cash Making Information


Here is a written information: (Drop a like if this helped you!)

1) Minimize Regular timber till stage 20 fletching creating arrow shafts and 20+ woodcutting.
2) Minimize Oak timber till stage 30 fletching creating shortbows/longbows.
3) Promote Oak Bows (u) to basic retailer.
4) Get stage 5 thieving on males
5) Get to Ardougne and thieve from the cake stall till stage 20 Thieving.
6) Now steal silk from the silk stall and promote it to close by gamers till you’ve got funds.
7) Purchase willow logs and fletch them into brief/longbows till you are able to do maples.
8) Promote your Willow Bows (u) to the final retailer.
9) Amass extra gold if wanted utilizing the silk technique.
10) Purchase maple logs from gamers and fletch them into Maple shortbows till you possibly can create Maple longbows.
11) Promote all maple shortbows (u) to the final retailer.
12) Get your Magic stage to 21.
13) Fletch Maple longbows, string them and low alch them. *USE THIS GUIDE TO STILL PROFIT FROM ANY ALCH! – *
14) As soon as you have hit 70 fletching and 55 magic utilizing this technique, make investments into shopping for Yew logs, bowstrings and nature runes, or accumulate them by yourself.
15) Alch away and revenue! It’ll additionally assist to search out gamers who will accumulate the sources you want at a set value. *Forgot to say within the video however after I alched the Yew Longbows I earned round 180-220gp revenue per bow.*

Get pleasure from, hope this helps.

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