Ghost Ahoy Quest Information – 2007 Outdated College – PRE-EOC

Ghost Ahoy is a superb quest to finish.

Its quick, its simple, and its wanted for every day life in PRE-EOC 2007.

Ranges Required:

25 Agility, 20 Cooking and have accomplished Priest in Peril.

Objects required:
Amulet of Ghostspeak
Round 200 cash
7 bones ( There are cows and chikens to kill within the farm west from Ectofuntus )
7 buckets
7 pots (you do not want these in case you have greater than 33 ecto-tokens already, much less in case you have an activated Ring of Charos)
A Tinderbox and 1 Log of which you’ve gotten the Firemaking Stage to gentle.
A spade
A bucket of milk
A knife
A bowl of water
Oak longbow
3 colours of dye. (The dye colours you have to is random. If you wish to save a visit, have 3 crimson, 3 blue, and three yellow)


2 Quest Factors
2,400 Prayer expertise
Free passage to Port Phasmatys
The Ectophial, which permits direct teleport to the Ectofunctus.

Hope this quest information does assist you.

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