We’re pleased to announce todays update contains lots of bug fixes, QoL improvements and lots of new content!

We’ve tweaked how agility works now and we’re setup the Graceful sets to be tiered base. Now each set will give more EXP depending on how high tiered it is.

Banking also has had a huge update, you can now have up to 888 bank slots maximum! Bank scroll bars are now also entirely dynamic and adjust based on what contents you have in your bank.

Item Updates

  • 3rd age bow can now fire dragon arrows!
  • Fixed items kept on death values
  • Added angerler fish with the proper affect based on level
  • Seperntine helm now poisons
  • Kodai wand now gives water runes and it autocasts ancients

Client Updates

  • Cache packed item examines
  • Cache packed object examines
  • Fixed private msgs containing @ in the username
  • Fixed a few more crown positions
  • Fixed giveyellcolor
  • Fixed kushbucks showing the wrong price when redeeming
  • Added a dyanmic scroll packet
  • Cached packed all our sprites
  • Cached packed all our items
  • Cache packed all interfaces
  • Fixed the out of date error msg

Skilling Updates

  • Buffed hunter a little bit
  • Added broad bolt fletching, requires rune bolts and 80 fletching
  • Full graceful now gives you a bonus depending on the tier of it

Shop Updates

  • Changed a few prices in the blood money shop

Player Updates

  • Fixed an ultimate ironman bug where it would sometimes put items in your ‘bank’, now everything checks properly
  • Increased bank sizes
  • Admins can no longer override boss events by mistake
  • made it send a msg when you bank is full and you try to put items into it

Server Updates

  • Made login faster when theres lots of people online during an update