In this update the launcher should boot into the game much faster! A few interfaces have been fixed along with some configuration issues.

We now have the client sided commands ::lowmem ::highmem and ::normalmem, if you are experiencing FPS issues try ::lowmem. If you’d like to try the highest graphics we offer try out ::highmem. By default you’ll be set as ::normalmem.

In Game Server news, we have started working on moving all of the minigames to be in a consolidated minigame area, so be ready for that!

Don’t forget about DOUBLE EXP WEEKEND coming up! Be sure to tell your friends so you can get a powerful clan by the end of this next weekend.


We’re officially in Beta! In the next few days we’re going 100% public.

Thanks for helping out everyone, and remember during the Beta Phase you’ll be getting permanent Donator/VIP just for logging in.