From Rank 1 to Jagex Sabotage | The Fall of SUOMI

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All through RuneScape’s historical past, many gamers have discovered their declare to fame by means of reaching high-ranks on the excessive scores. SUOMI was the final word instance of this. Enjoying RuneScape 10 to fifteen hours a day constantly for years he was in a position to turn out to be the primary participant ever to succeed in 200 million expertise in all abilities. His journey didn’t come trouble-free, by many accounts he was wronged by Jagex. On this video, I discuss all of it: his humble starting, the drive for 5billion XP, and his eventual downfall. Even in case you’re an OSRS participant, you’re nonetheless going to take pleasure in this video!

►Oldschool RuneScape (2007) is offered by Jagex. You possibly can play totally free right here.

FFIX (18-Battle), Octopath Traveler (Battle 1, Cyrus the Scholar, Darkish Caverns, Pure Evil), Hyrule Warriors (Responsible Feeling)

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