Falador Medium Achievement Diary Information | Oldschool OSRS

Gadgets Wanted: Runes for Fally Teleport, Crystal Key, Rake, Hay Sack, Pickaxe, Axe, Bronze Spear, Watermelon, Brown Apron, Tinderbox, 6 Willow Branches, Mith Grapple, Crossbow (Mith or Higher), Bullseye Lantern, Fishing Explosive, ~5k Cash, Full Provoke Set

Gadgets Advisable: Falador Teleports, Stamina Potions, Taverly Teleport, Rimmington Teleport, (Dramen Workers and Glory could be Used)

Ranges Want: 49 Firemaking, 37 Magic, 23 Farming, 32 Slayer, 41 Agility, 37 Power, 19 Ranged, 40 Thieving, 10 Prayer, 20 Defence, 40 Crafting, 40 Mining, 30 Woocutting

Quests: Mogre Miniquest, Rat Catchers, Recruitment Drive

Bear in mind to put up beneath if something must be mounted or modified! Thanks for watching guys hope this helped you out.

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