Everybody missed the perfect magic weapon in PvP

Everybody appears to have missed the precise greatest nightmare employees in terms of PvP, the Harmonised Nightmare Workers. I went PKing with the Harmonised Nightmare Workers to indicate how a lot better it’s than the Unstable nightmare employees. The one actual conditions the place the Unstable Nightmare employees is best can be on low stage accounts, to anti rush individuals tenting pray melee or to as soon as once more fight somebody who camps pray melee in fights. For nearly each different state of affairs, the Harmoised Nightmare Workers is your best option.

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It is virtually at all times the OSRS Soundtrack idk why I nonetheless have this right here, not like individuals learn it anyway and I’m usually by no means particular with the precise tracks. If individuals care that a lot although I can begin including them in right here however I dont assume anybody is studying this anyway.

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