We’ve introduced a brand new area for players to hang out at! Just type ::chill or go to the top of the castle at home.

Shops have also been moved to the bottom of the castle, the second floor of the castle is empty but it’s going to used to house all of the minigames waiting rooms.

We also have created a new Discord bot that is tied directly into the server! You can use the following commands with it:

  • ::yell – yells a message into the server from discord.
  • ::help – alerts all staff that you need help.
  • ::players – lists all of the players online.
  • ::staff – lists all of the staff online.
  • ::commands – lists all of the commands.

We’ve also fixed the following bugs/applied the following updates:

  • Double EXP not working correctly.
  • Rune Pouches not working.
  • Fixed a server crash/nulling issue that was introduced in one of the bank bug fixes.
  • Added a remote reboot to the server to prevent future nulls from giving us down-time.
  • Updated event chest rewards.
  • Added more trivia to the trivia bot.
  • Updated the support rank so they can now manage the players.
  • Updated the client so support ranks can Go To/To Me with their friends list.