Cook dinner’s Assistant Quest Information Outdated College RuneScape 2007

A feast for a DukeEdit
(Should you do not wish to undergo your entire course of the hunt intends, simply carry a pot of flour, a bucket of milk and and egg with you to finish the hunt in seconds.)
To start the hunt, discuss to the prepare dinner within the Lumbridge Citadel’s kitchen, which is on the bottom flooring. He tells you that it’s Duke Horacio’s birthday, and he’s supposed to arrange a cake for the celebration, however he has forgotten to carry a number of the substances required for the cake. Thus, he requires you to carry him a bucket of milk, an egg, and a pot of flour. Observe: A pot is discovered on the kitchen desk, and a bucket is down within the cellar on a desk.

Bucket of milkEdit
Cows subject
A bucket of milk could also be obtained from the Lumbridge cow subject (east of Lumbridge, north of the doorway to the desert). Merely use a bucket on the dairy cow. You will get a bucket from the final retailer for two gp. If you do not have the cash, simply pickpocket a person. Yow will discover a bucket by the chickens west of the cow pen aswell, inside the home, or one spawns downstairs within the fortress’s cellar on a desk.
The place to search out egg
To acquire an egg, go west of the cow subject and decide it up. It is within the hen coop.
Pot of flourEdit
To acquire a pot, get it from the desk by the Cook dinner in Lumbridge Citadel. To acquire a pot of flour, you could go north of Lumbridge and comply with the street till you get to the mill. Gather the wheat outdoors and go to the highest flooring, put the wheat within the hopper after which pull the lever. Again on the bottom flooring, use your pot to gather it from the bin.
To wrap up, take the substances again to the prepare dinner within the Lumbridge Citadel. Communicate to him for the ultimate time to provide him the substances.

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