Bingo Bango Bongo

What many of you have been long awaiting! Combat is finally sprinting down it’s road to perfection! Heaven and Badkush are starting to finally collide, thanks to our mastermind McKonaHey, no wait was it McKonawho? Enough of the bad puns we have intel that Girgio was caught snacking on some dragons recently we need you to form a legion to take him out!



  • fixed range and defence toggling with combat
  • fixed magic and defence toggling with combat
  • fixed the npc attack timer, now when you kill an npc you’ll instantly be able to attack another
  • fixed combat safe spotting and general clip breaking, it’s still experimental but this should work for now
  • fixed the ‘all’ attack combat style
  • fixed monsters PJing you


  • Fixed Shadow Sword Animation
  • Fixed Lucky Cutlass Interface & Animation
  • Fixed 3rd Age Sword Animation


  • Added Brutal Green Dragons
  • Added Brutal Blue Dragons
  • Added Brutal Red Dragons
  • Added Brutal Black Dragons
  • Added Baby Green Dragons
  • Added Baby Blue Dragons
  • Added Baby Red Dragons
  • Added Baby Black Dragons


  • Added more drops to girgios table, also moved his current uncommons to common to liven up the party
  • Added shadow barrage runes to the donator bosses(Corrupt Sorceress) drop table
  • Moved bonesack and hill giant club on girgios drop table from rare to uncommon


  • pets no longer clip with mobs, but they clip with each other still so you can have an army of pets like usual
  • debugged all pets spawning/removing, should track down any lost pets


  • added runecrafting to the teleport interface, also added ;;rc and ;;runecrafting
  • fixed the agility bug showing that dumb chat msg
  • renamed the “Pottery Oven” to the “Jewellery Oven”
  • crafting jewellery will no longer steal the moulds
  • fixed having no slayer task showing as null, it now shows up as None


  • Added Donator zone Dungeon ::DD
  • Added Super Donator Zone Dungeon ::SDD
  • Fixed Walking into SDZ bank


  • Fixed the price of Xercian robes


  • Fixed Bank Pins
  • added ::instanttele to now instantly teleport without needing to press ‘go’
  • teleport menu now saves the last selected teleport category so you don’t need to switch it up every time you click the world map
  • added ::pvmpoints ::bosspoints and ::skillpoints, they now toggle those specific msgs on/off
  • fixed another bug with the drop table viewer
  • Added over 50+ more cosmetics to the 4:20 Chest
  • Removed all non-rare cosmetics, and ridiculously dumb drops from ckey chest. Buffed the skillers item drop amounts.