Combat Updates Day 2

We’ve added and fixed quite a few things with todays combat rework!

  • Poison now works properly against PvM.
  • Updated corp drop table.
  • Added a new boss (Viriditas).
  • Added a new armour set (Viriditas).
  • Fixed some combat in wildy.
  • Fixed some combat with Ranging.
  • Fixed Crystal Dragons a bit.
  • Fixed Cerb.

We’ve also fixed the following:

  • Added ::teles1 and ::teles2, plus all of the various teleport commands.
  • Fixed noted items so you can sell them to the shop again.
  • Fixed the pillars at home.
  • Added donator EXP bonuses.
  • Added donator drop rate bonuses.
  • Fixed a bug related to houses
  • Fixed duo slayer.
  • Fixed the RoW blood money text.
  • Fixed the website with Edge/IE.
  • Fixed barrelchest anchor on bank.
  • Added noted items to the skilling shop.
  • Fixed the money pouch from not updating visually.
  • Converted our entire definitions from XML to JSON.
  • Added ::superdonatorzone, ::elitedonatorzone and ::legendarydonatorzone
  • Made it so you can’t use shops in wildy/duel/etc.
  • Changed a few item prices and updated some items.
  • Added william back to the home.
  • Renamed the event key properly.
  • Added min damage to the boss event.
  • Made it so you can’t bank/charge in duel/gungame.
  • Boss event now executes every 2-3 hours.
  • Double gold is no longer a server event unless an admin starts it.
  • Moved antifire shields/mind helmets and shields to the armour shop.
  • fixed the boss interface w/kqueen.
  • fixed that one annoying as fuck clue bug.

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