Client Update/Raid Overhaul!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with the Party System.
  • Fixed a bug with the Music Player.
  • Fixed the Lootshare icons
  • Fixed a bug with the Party System not properly swapping leaders on logout.
  • Fixed a bug with the EP system and mob drops.
  • Fixed a bug with transferring the Double EXP Ring to another player.
  • Fixed a bug with some mobs not triggering the PVM alert system.
  • Fixed a bug with the Fruit Tree patches.
  • Fixed a bug with Flowers.
  • Fixed a bug with Firemaking.
  • Fixed a bug with the Dwarf Cannon.
  • Fixed a bug with the Party System
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Event Chest.
  • Fixed a bug with not being able to gamble the Fire Cape(i).
  • Fixed a bug with Inferno’s jumping.


  • Adjusted the login menu to include a way to enable/disable the Music.
  • Autochat will no longer spam your chatbox.
  • Yelling and talking in clanchat will now properly format the text like it would if you’re talking with general chat.
  • Adjusted the wilderness levels to be properly aligned with OSRS.
  • Added CTRL+H as an opt-in hotkey alias for ::home. To enable it you’ll have to go into the misc settings in the client.
  • All event chest rewards will be announced regardless of their value.
  • Adjusted the Crystal Chest reward table by moving Barrows over to Rare from Uncommon.
  • Added ;;donatorguide and ;;petguide.
  • The Music System will now automatically detect when a song has ended and it will attempt to play a brand new one relative to where you are in the game and what action you’re doing.

Raid Changes:

  • Completely rewrote the Raid System from the ground up.
  • The new raid system will now allow you to leave and rejoin the raid with ease as long as the raid isn’t locked.
  • A raid will become locked 30 seconds after a raid room gets opened for the first time.
  • A raid will become unlocked once everyone’s reached the lobby by killing all the NPCs.
  • You can invite someone any time to join your raid, they just won’t be able to join until it’s unlocked.
  • A party leader can no longer destroy everyone’s raid instance, instead the only way to end a raid is by leaving it yourself or by dying.
  • Leaving a party will no longer disband your raid.
  • Entering the lobby portal will now give you dialogue instead of just directly teleporting.
  • Everyone will get a reward as long as they have done a minimum of 500 damage during the raid.
  • You can leave, disconnect, logout and it will save your raid progress as long as someone else is active.

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