Best PKing RSPS

BadKush is the best PKing RSPS. Based off of OSRS we have the most complete RSPS experience anyone has to offer. Let’s start with what makes us so special:

+ Full OSRS base content – Everything you can do on OSRS, you can do here!

+ 1:1 OSRS combat formula and system – We have painstakingly recreated the OSRS combat formula to preform exactly as you would expect it!

+ 1 Tick Switching + PKing Aids Built In – Designed to make PKing a breeze, our plugins will help you defeat the enemy!

+ Spawn PK or Economy PK – Both game modes are able to be played on the same server!

+ Tutorials + Video Guides – We have video guides on how to PK in BadKush!

What are you waiting for? Come try the Free to Play game BadKush today!

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