BadKush is the best PKing RSPS. Based off of OSRS we have the most complete RSPS experience anyone has to offer. Let’s start with what makes us so special:

+ Full OSRS base content – Everything you can do on OSRS, you can do here!

+ 1:1 OSRS combat formula and system – We have painstakingly recreated the OSRS combat formula to preform exactly as you would expect it!

+ 1 Tick Switching + PKing Aids Built In – Designed to make PKing a breeze, our plugins will help you defeat the enemy!

+ Spawn PK or Economy PK – Both game modes are able to be played on the same server!

+ Tutorials + Video Guides – We have video guides on how to PK in BadKush!

What are you waiting for? Come try the Free to Play game BadKush today!