We’ve been focusing on bringing more quality of life towards the server by improving many of the existing aspects of the server, we’ve got a massive raids update just around the corner to be prepared for that!

Change Log:

fixed an NPC despawn bug
fixed a pretty good bug with abusing raids, now you can only join the raid if your party is in room 1-3 instead of on room 4
fixed a bug with the BadKush discord bot
fixed a bug with the punishment system
started reworking GWD, now it shouldn’t bug out any more to the point where you can’t attack NPCs(edited)
added infernal SS
added infernal whip
added an infernal santa, party hat and h’ween
added a new 2h weapon called a death bringer, this will be part of the new raid rewards
fixed a bug with trade ban
fixed a bug with the chatbox and adding friends/accepting trades
Made the amulet of torture (or) tradeable
fixed a couple bugs with NPCs
made it so if you dc during the raid and your team is on room 4 you can still rejoin the raid
adjusted the boss event to be 64 squares instead of 32 for the key
smoke battlestaff and mystic smoke staff now save you air and earth runes
fixed being able to combine donator capes
added steve the task extender, he’ll now extend your task up to the amount of 1,000 in intervals of 50
buffed tenta whip poison against npcs
fixed a bunch of bugs with the login menu and I also added a warning to prevent you from accidentally clearing all of your accounts
adjusted the inventory model offsets for the colored tbows
renamed clanwars to Fun PK
fixed a couple bugs with the spec orb
fixed a bug with the corp exit
Relocated Viriditas
Added two effects to the infernal ss. It will recoil damage like the lava ss but with 15% damage recoil instead of 10%. The infernal ss will now give you a 10% increase to melee damage with a 10% chance to recieve a 30% buff for a single hit.
the fighter and genocide chests are now lootable
the dragonfire ward is now craftable
fixed the fighter chest
crash patched the server to prevent any more incidents like earlier
fixed a bug with weapon game
pest control will now update your spec bar to prevent the confusing special visual bug
adjusted it so you get a massive defence bonus from girgio’s fan when fighting girgio, to balance it i’ve made it slightly less powerful against him(edited)
viriditas now has a heavy defence buff against all NPCs, you need to be wearing the full set for this effect to trigger(edited)
tiny girgio and viriditas now give boss & pvm points, they also count for each kill
yaks are now a low level slayer task
fixed the slayer task extender
Fixed up the fighter chest rewards and made all ores and logs noted
added infernal helm, plate, and legs
fixed a typo with DS1
added infernal gloves and boots
added rune cbow to lucky impling loot
heavily buffed the lucky impling loot
full infernal (either helm or partyhat) will now give a 100% damage bonus to melee
added a message to viriditas, now when you equip it you will get a message showing the effect is active (must be the full set)
Fixed global slayer tasks
buffed the exp for fletching headless arrows and bolts/darts
adjusted the melee bonus of void/elite void/infernal/viriditas to be a bit more balanced for their tiers
weapon game 2 minigame is re-enabled
removed the 5 second limit on the drop table simulator
you’ll now no longer lose your pet if its in your inventory and you die
fixed the items kept on death menu, it will now no longer visually overflow past 8
Added Melee stats to the uim armour(edited)
Added melee stats to the ironman armour
changed up the clan crown hiarchy slightly
fixed using the keys on the fighter and event chests
adjusted the chests that use the new chest API (event chest, fighter chest and 4:20 chest), these will now give you the proper min amount instead of just starting at 1
patched a bug with the new hit markers
added the max-hit dummy
fixed pets following
adjusted the screen options button, made it even more obvious its a settings menu
fixed a pretty bad graphical bug when NPCs would try to follow you and turn their direction at the same time
fixed the background for the world select and delete all button
fixed the enraged npcs flickering
fixed a bug that might cause players to disconnect
fixed a bug with bolts
adjusted the global slayer npc list a little bit
added ;;funpk
all coins will now automatically go into your money_pouch by default, regardless of the spending option for inventory/pouch
blood money will now automatically go into your blood money pouch regardless of your spending option for inventory/pouch
adjusted the message you get when a boss key goes on the ground instead of your inventory/bank
also colored the word bank so its a bit more obvious for when it goes into the bank
if the client ever crashes or throws an exception/error it will now log this exception to disk
fixed wiki uploading
restricted wiki account creation, if you’d like to edit the wiki please pm @BrutisTheGuy or myself
fixed the dwarf cannon
fixed the grammar on raids when one person finishes instead of multiple
fixed the timer codes for most bosses/minigames, now when you’ve gone over 1 hour it will properly log it
added a baby khazard pet to the fighter chest
slightly improved the client’s FPS
adjusted the price of the imbued capes to be 30 each instead of 35
fixed a bug with AOTP, the minions will now despawn(edited)
made it so you can’t place a cannon in any instances (will remove this down the road)(edited)
added a secondary page to the blood money shop, right now it only contains cannon balls but we will be revamping it down the road to have more items/look much more organized
fixed the blood money pouch payment plan option, it’ll now work in the blood money shops(edited)
added a viriditas pet
added a flame king & pharaoh king pet
added a pet glough, pet girgio, pet vorki, pet elvarg and pet dankou
added a client sided ;;ping command so you can view your active ping
the ;;fps command will now save inbetween your client restarts incase you like having that always up
adjusted the height of the ::fps menu
fixed the mime mask
fixed a couple client bugs
fixed a bug with the discord yell system
extended the maximum blowpipe charges to be 163k instead of 16k
fixed a couple bugs with dialogue
the barrows repair weird old man now works with your money pouch
added a right click repair option to the weird old guy at barrows
fixed a bug with the blood money and coin pouch interacting with the minimap
fixed a bug with interacting with the hp and prayer orbs and the minimap
added an opt-out setting to allow the walk-here context menu to show up on the minimap(edited)
redid the way our settings menu works and re-ordered it, also added way more settings
added a low & high button for the settings so you can easily select high and low resource mode
fixed a bug with the flashing spec orb option
adjusted the loading text to be a little bit more responsive with the feedback for how far it is with its progress
fixed a pretty bad bug with the blow pipe, also raised its limit to be 500m
fixed the time took for all the bosses/minigames that use it
fixed the kraken cave timer, it’ll start from when you enter the cave instead of from when the kraken gets spawned
toxic blowpipe no longer shows a % for the scales, it instead shows the exact amount you have added
fixed a bug with rebooting
fixed sounds in the client, eventually we’ll be pushing an update to enable these
fixed music in the client, we’ll also be pushing an update down the road to enable music selection
fixed a bug causing random disconnects introduced with the bolt update(edited)
added a new function that will now allow you to still get your raid reward even if you DC in room 4
your barrows progress will now save even if you logout(edited)
adjusted the ping threshold for the client sided ping
fixed the barrows interface when you first enter the area
added a new quest called ‘An Old Promise’, it unlocks a harder version of barrows that has a modified loot table that allows for a higher chance of getting good loot. It also now will allow you to get a barrows brother pet from barrows if you’re on the new Hard-mode for barrows.
fixed a bug with the ping counter
fixed a setting in the client
fixed a bug with mining
the upgraded version of verac will now hit thru prayer
the hard-mode barrow brothers are now buffed
disabled the dwarf cannon due to bugs
adjusted the way range prayers boost your ranged
fixed rigour
re-enabled the dwarf cannon and adjusted how it functions
fixed the enchant 1,000 bolts to now grant you 10, one for each bolt instead of just 1 per 10 bolts
fixed the achivements: kill 1 player, kill 15 players, kill 50 players, win 20 duels, win a duel worth 20m
high-alch now allows up to 20m at 40% value
low-alch now allows up to unlimited for 20% value
server announcements will no longer send the same message back to back
removed all of the trivia questions related to highscores, will be re-added one day(edited)
fixed a pretty bad bug with the buff system
added the well of goodwill
switching into the transparent side panel, transparent chatbox, or the side-stone arrangement options will now save when you switch back to fixed mode, it will also now save between client reboots
Papi ChuloYesterday at 11:27 PM
Made the Lava bones in Blood money shop and Plat token shop noted
Added Venenatis to ;;Edd(edited)
added the chests to also be in front of the stair-case towards the bank
made the client login/load new regions slightly faster, the jar file size is now also slightly smaller (250kb or so)(edited)
compressed some of the client images to make the client even smaller(edited)
added a baby barrelchest
all of the non quest related boss pets are now tradable
added a second raid store and added some raid boss pets for 50 tokens each, Inadequacy, Everlasting, Touchable and Abyssal Sire
fixed a bug with clans
modified the settings menu and added 3 new quick settings buttons, one for 317, one for 508. another for OSRS
settings that require reloading will now automatically reload
swapped the key and crown icons in clanchat, now the one who owns the clanchat will have the key icon
fixed the hitsplat option
fixed the x10 option
replaced the 508 defaults with 667 defaults
fixed a bug with global slayer
adjusted the event chests loot reward slightly