To help ramp up the competition we have designed a highscores built specifically for BadKush from the ground up. This was designed using BadKush’s HTTPd which helps us design powerful web apps specifically for BadKush with ease. Expect a lot more of these types of updates in the near future.

For all of those who want to check it out, simply go to

Change Log:

  • fixed the entity feed’s HP displaying bigger than it should
  • made it so the examine text for every single rock now says the ore type
  • fixed the vote poll so the first click option is the store
  • made it so when you die in a raid but your team completes the raid you get the tokens, you don’t get a key however(edited)
  • made it so if you die on the 4th room you still get a key
  • fixed a spacing issue with yelling and crowns
  • fixed a bug when dropping coins and blood money
  • Graviton fixed the bone crusher
  • fixed a bug while dropping items during pvp combat
  • fixed an abusable bug with teleports and bypassing teleport restrictions during jails
  • Lately we’ve noticed an increase in manual brute force attempts on players accounts. To combat this we have introduced a new locking system that is entirely automatic. To opt-in you simply need to set a bank pin. Then if you ever connect from a new IP address your account will be permanently locked from hackers until you verify your bank pin. Your account will be teleported to the staff zone and all the staff will be alerted by a Discord message in the staff channels. If the hacker tries 25 invalid pin tries they will be IP-Jailed and will not be able to create or log into any new accounts without those accounts being instantly jailed. If you type in your bank pin the restrictions are instantly lifted and you are teleported back home. I encourage everyone to set a bank pin to prevent this issue. Also because of this in the future we will be able to offer an option to make you only type your bank pin when you connect from a new IP instead of on every single time you log back in to access your bank.
  • The highscores are finally ready to be pushed live! They will be online with todays update. They are pretty feature packed but they are still not completely finished so keep that in mind. There is still a few bugs to completely work out, plus we want to add more functionality in the future such as NPC kill logs per NPC along with a player comparing tool. For now this will lay out the base for all future highscore updates.
  • modified some text messages in the game for various actions to support unified spacing(edited)
  • made it so boss events are no longer random, instead theyre on a rotation so you won’t get back to back skotizo
  • raid now scale based on your party size
  • you can now teleport at lvl 20 wildy
  • fixed every single voting poll we have, to see the changes make sure you’re on the #170-preview(edited)
  • fixed a bug with the ice chest(edited)
  • when you alch it’ll now close your interface
  • made it so you can’t alch while on lunar/ancients magic
  • fixed funpk from bugging out
  • made it so you can’t cast veng while on ancient or normal magic
  • fixed barrage and all of magic so when you cast a spell it will only remove the runes if the spell actually hit, so splashes will not count towards your total rune usage, but if you hit 5 people it will still be the normal rune count * 5
  • fixed auto casting without a weapon or autocasting with a non-auto castable staff/weapon
  • dag kings are now aggressive
  • the max party size has been increased to 20
  • made it so to join a raid you need at least 1,000 total level unless you’re the one hosting it